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Yo WhatsApp

Jun 19,2024 By Alice

If you're seeking for the most recent version of YoWhatsApp APK, you've come to the correct spot. YoWhatsApp's latest version can be downloaded with a single click from our website. We also talk about how to utilise YoWhatsApp and offer tips and ideas. So, if you're interested, keep reading

What is Yo WhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp, as previously said, is created by a third-party developer which is why it is not available on the Google Play Store. But don't worry, we've got you covered with a direct download link for Yo WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp also called YoWa, YoWhatsApp and other modified versions are developed by making changes to the official version. The primary goal is to improve the official app by adding new features.

We'll go over all you need to know about YoWhatsApp today. Even while all WhatsApp Mods function similarly, there are few major characteristics that distinguish Yo WhatsApp from its competitors.

Why Yo WhatsApp is better than Official WhatsApp

If you wish to enjoy more features than the official version, there is no doubt that you should use modded apps. However, there are numerous apps available on the internet today. So, why do you choose YoWhatsApp, and why is it such a huge deal? We'll go over all of the features and show how you can utilise them to get the most out of your WhatsApp experience.

Official versions are often regarded as the best. Because they practically never have bugs and are stable across all devices. However, this does not make an app amazing. Despite providing a stable and bug-free experience, the app should provide its customers with as many functions as feasible.


YoWhatsApp APK Feature


  • Disable Forwarded Message Tag - This is a fantastic feature. When passing messages from one person to another, you can now disable the forwarded message tag.
  • Hide Your Last Seen - This option is also accessible in the official version, but you will not be able to see other people's last seen. YoWhatsApp solves this problem by allowing you to hide your last seen, so that others cannot view it.
  • Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Yo WhatsApp with a fingerprint. Check to see if your phone has a fingerprint sensor. This feature is also available on the official Whatsapp.
  • Hide Media from Gallery - Have some private photos you don't want others to see? If so, enable this option in the media features and you won't have to worry about your private photographs and movies appearing in the phone gallery again.
  • Who Can Call You - It's annoying when we get calls on WhatsApp and we can't reject them because the caller already knows you're online. However, YoWhatsApp APK for Android fixes this problem. Under privacy settings, you may now specify who can call you.
  • Anti Delete Messages- The name tells it all. Enabling this option prevents the sender from deleting communications delivered to you. It will display messages even after they have been removed. It is a highly powerful feature that is not available in the official WhatsApp version. So utilise it wisely and cautiously.
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply - This is another excellent privacy feature. You should activate it if you don't want your pals to know you saw their message. This feature allows you to view anyone's message, but it does not display blue ticks. They will only see blue ticks if you respond to them.
  • Hide View Status – Other people will not be able to see that you have seen their status update. It's wonderful if you want to stalk someone without them knowing.
  • Anti-Delete Status - This function works in the same way as the Anti-Delete Message feature. So, instead of messages, your friends will be unable to erase their status once it has been posted. Another powerful function that should be utilised with caution. YoWhatsApp is the only app that has the anti-Delete Status feature.
  • DND Disturb Mode - DND disturb mode is designed for people who wish to use their devices but do not want to receive WhatsApp messages. Turn this on and you will not receive any messages; in the meantime, you can continue to use your wifi or mobile data to complete your business or watch videos.
  • Hide talks with a Pattern or Pin - This is critical for anyone who wants to hide some WhatsApp talks. Set up the pattern or pin lock by clicking on the YoWhatsApp header. You can now store any chat in a secure location. To view secret chats, you must first click on the YoWhatsApp header.
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YoWhatsApp Extra Features

  • High-Quality Photos - With the YoWhatsApp download, you can now communicate images without sacrificing quality. We frequently email photographs to others that are fuzzy. This is because WhatsApp reduces image quality to reduce server burden.
  • Send High-Quality WhatsApp Status - You can now send high-quality photographs or videos on WhatsApp status without sacrificing image quality. The quality of official WhatsApp is reduced by 20%.
  • Send More Than 30 Media Files - You can now send up to 30 media files at the same time. Official WhatsApp has a file limit of 30.
  • Enable the chat heads function - If you use Facebook, you're probably familiar with this. It is essentially a pop-up bubble that will remain on the screen after you exit YoWhatsApp. It allows you to multitask and send messages to others while using various apps or watching videos.
  • Messages can be forwarded to up to 300 individuals - the official WhatsApp has a restriction of 5 persons. You can now forward it to more people.
  • Auto-Update YoWhatsApp - Enable this function to automatically update YoWhatsApp when a new update is available.
  • Personalize Launcher Icons - You can now select from a variety of icons for Yo WhatsApp. The Launcher icon menu has dozens of built-in launcher icons.


WhatsApp only allows for a limited amount of customisation. There are just two options for changing the design of the official WhatsApp app. There are two themes: dark and light. Aside from that, you don't see anything else that you can change to make it more personalized. but from yo whatsapp, you will see there are so many choices you have.

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  • Theme Store - Unlike the official WhatsApp, there is a dedicated Theme Store for those who want to try something new and unusual. The Theme Store contains hundreds of themes to pick from. All of these themes are free and editable. There's even an option to save themes to your computer's internal storage.
  • DIY Theme - YoWA for Android now allows you to create a theme from scratch. Simply navigate to the theme area and select the DIY theme option. Everything you see and interact with on the screen may be customized and arranged here.
  • Colour phone - Another amazing feature to distinguish yourself from other WhatsApp users. The color phone is essentially nothing more than the caller screen that appears when you receive calls on YoWhatsApp. This easy hack allows you to customize the caller screen when receiving calls on YoWhatsApp.

Will I Get Banned for Using YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod developed by an independent developer. If you utilize the app correctly, you will not have any trouble. However, if you utilize some features more than the authorized limit, you may experience ban troubles. As a result, we caution you not to abuse or misuse the functionalities provided by YoWhatsApp.

We also encourage all YoWhatsApp users to register with a secondary phone number. It's great if you want to use your primary number, but you'll have to bear the consequences if WhatsApp bans your account. Using a backup or temporary phone number for YoWhatsApp is usually a good idea because your main WhatsApp account will be safe.

Is YoWhatsApp Free?

Certainly, YoWhatsApp is absolutely free of charge and we anticipate that it will remain so indefinitely. Similar to the official version of WhatsApp, you are not required to pay a single cent to download or utilize the YoWhatsApp application. The developers have never asked for payment for the use of their applications; rather, they are constantly introducing new and exciting features on a daily basis.

Can I Use YoWhatsApp without Uninstalling Official WhatsApp?

It is possible to use both the official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp simultaneously on the same Android device without any complications.

YoWhatsApp is designed to function as a standalone version, so there is no need to uninstall the official WhatsApp in order to utilize YoWhatsApp. This feature proves to be quite advantageous if you want to create an alternative account utilizing a distinct phone number. With the ability to use two WhatsApp accounts on your phone, you can easily separate work and personal messages. While you may use YoWhatsApp freely, it's advisable to use a secondary or temporary phone number to prevent any potential issues with account banning.

How to Update YoWhatsApp to the latest version?

YoWa APK is not available on Google Play, so we collect all WhatsApp mods, including YoWhatsApp, and make them available to you on our website. All you have to do is visit our website to see if there is a new update available and then download the latest version with a single click


It's an excellent app. In reality, it is the finest WhatsApp alternative. If you're tired of WhatsApp and want to try something new, YoWhatsApp APK for Android is a must-have. YoWhatsApp provides everything that official WhatsApp does not, from security to privacy to customization.

To install the latest version of the YoWhatsApp APK, click the download button. YoWhatsApp is always being updated, so keep checking back and other WhatsApp Mods updates. Please leave a remark if you have any queries or recommendations. Thank you very much!

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